Rapid Design Thinking — Designing children’s ATM

What is Design thinking?

The Design thinking refers to a strategic, iterative process of solving a design problem. Although the process is a great tool to solve any design problems in general, it has been known as a primary methodology to approach UX design problems because of its empathetic, user-centric approach. While there might be many variations of the framework, it consists of empathy in context of the problem, creativity to generate the solution and rationality to analyze and to test the solution generated.

In general, the design thinking process is divided into five steps: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

Five steps of design thinking process

Rapid Design Thinking: an example of designing children’s ATM

The “Empathize” stage is when the designers research the user’s needs, goals and pain points. User interviews or market research are great way to gather necessary data at this stage. Here’s an example of questions that might need to be answered in the Empathy stage of designing the children’s ATM.

Empathy stage for designing kid’s ATM

The user’s needs, goals, pain points and how the product relates to those are defined in the “Define” stage. The main goal is to clarify what will be created for whom, and how. Typical UX/UI deliverables in this stage are site map or user flow diagrams.

Assumptions are challenged and various ideas are created in the “Ideate” stage. In the context of UX/I design, this is when the wireframes or UI kits are created.

Below is an example of how define and ideate stage might look like in designing children’s ATM.

Define and ideate stage of designing kid’s ATM

Solutions are created in the“ Prototype” stage. Solutions could be in any levels, low or high fidelity- meaning it doesn’t necessarily have to look close to the end product, or it could. This step is often iterated with the next step “Testing”, to discover possible issues or insights that might not have been revealed in the empathy stage.

Prototype sketch of kid’s ATM

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